Pool Covers

South Queensland Solar uses Daisy pool covers. Daisy is Australia's number 1 pool cover manufacturer, having been established over 30 years ago. www.daisypoolcovers.com.au

We have budget blankets from 200 micron up to premium blankets of 500 micron.

  • Commercial blankets
  • Edge bound blanket (high wind areas)
  • Foam blankets
  • Domestic rollers
  • Commercial rollers
  • Solar blankets reduce evaporation
  • Solar blankets retain heat

We have a blanket and roller to suit any application.

With a pool heater, it is recommended to have a blanket to save up to 50% on running costs.

With a Nanotek solar pool heating system and a solar blanket you will swim 356 days of the year in 25+ degrees (based on the Gold Coast 2017}, with running costs of around $250.00 per year. (Less than $1 per day.)